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Less House, More Home

Your tiny journey awaits

Designed for your needs and built to last. Explore our collection of tiny home options which include our pre-designed Mountain Series and Custom Tiny Home services.


Our Homes

Mountain Series

Pre-designed base models

Custom Homes

Start from scratch

Make your dreams a reality 


Grunge Wood

How     much?

Wooden Sign

Understanding the cost of your tiny home is an important first step. We believe in posting our prices so that you can easily decide on your tiny home purchase budget. See our posted pricing below.

"We're not just tiny home builders, we're tiny home owners ourselves. We're contractors. We're designers. We're engineers. Let our wealth of experience be your guide for your next tiny chapter."

What is our process?

Research & Talk

Call us or take a tour. Learn more about your options before getting started. Fill out a tiny home survey.

Quote & Design

Work with us to create a unique-to-you tiny home design. You will receive detailed quotes as you go.


Watch (or participate in  our build assist program) as your plans become a reality during construction.

Are you ready to get started?

Fill out our tiny home survey today.

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