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2023 Summer

Tiny Home Building Classes

Want to learn how to design and build a tiny home? Join us for an immersive, hands-on, building workshop where you can grow your confidence and knowledge. Learn from seasoned professionals in an inclusive environment. No previous construction experience is required. Everyone is welcome!

What will I learn?

tools & material

Learn how to safely and properly use hand, power, and pneumatic construction tools. Gain understanding of correct material usage and how the climate can impact your choices.

Framing & Dry-in

Learn how framing choices impact how your tiny home performs in high winds, heavy snow, and intense rain. You'll learn how to construct a proper building envelope.


Learn how to design and install drainage, water lines, and how the fixtures you choose impact your setup. We'll discuss what happens to grey/black water and more.

design & Codes

Learn the basics of tiny home design and the evolving world of certifications, codes, and basic fire, health, and life safety requirements to make your tiny home build successful.


Learn how to design and install a safe and effective electrical setup for your tiny home. We'll discuss how to calculate your tiny home amperage and set up your circuits.

insulation & HVAC

Learn how to choose the best insulation for your tiny home. We'll discuss insulation values and explain how your choices impact your ventilation and moisture in your home.



Owner & Foreman

Your Teachers

Tina and Luke have a combined 25 years of construction, engineering, and carpentry experience. They're the owners of Backcountry Tiny Homes and, collectively, have designed and built hundreds of tiny homes to date. Both Tina and Luke lived in their own tiny home for numerous years, providing them a unique outlook on tiny home construction and livability.



Owner & Principal Engineer

What should I expect?

Our tiny home building classes are 2-day workshops that cover the most asked about areas of tiny home construction. You should expect a welcoming environment that is suitable for all backgrounds and experience levels. We will cover concept through to rough utilities of tiny home construction and design while utilizing hands on learning, seminars, and scaled down practice examples. We provide the tools, you provide the excitement!


  • Workshop Check-in

  • Design Concepts

  • Trailer Dry-in

  • Framing Design & Construction

  • Window/Door Installation


  • Housewrap & Waterproofing

  • Rough Electrical

  • Rough Plumbing

  • Insulation

  • Workshop Wrap-up

Our Approach

TINY HOME HANDS ON - There is very little substitute for active learning than working and practicing on a real tiny home! Where it's appropriate, you will work on current construction builds to practice your newly-learned skills.

SEMINAR - Utilizing presentation-style seminars, we will breakdown complicated building practices into easy-to-grasp bites. Seminars help break up our teaching style and allow all students a chance to take notes, ask questions, and absorb important information.

SCALED-DOWN PRACTICE - In order to learn as much as you can in a weekend, we will set-up examples for you to practice on. These scaled-down examples will allow us to cover a larger mix of important construction practices while still providing a hands-on approach.

Upcoming Workshops
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