What is a Detailed Budgetary Quote?

Q: Do I need a detailed budgetary quote?

A: You may not need one. If you're looking for posted pricing for our pre-designed Mountain Series models or custom tiny homes, click below. Still need more detail for your pricing? Keep reading.

Acorn Base Pricing
Acorn Upgrade Pricing

Bivouac Base Pricing

Bivouac Upgrade Pricing


Basecamp Base Pricing

Basecamp Upgrade Pricing (coming soon)


Grizzly Base Pricing

Grizzly Upgrade Pricing (coming soon)


Custom Home Pricing

Q: What does a detailed budgetary quote include?

A: For clients that would like to know pricing for specific custom changes to any of our Mountain Series tiny home models or more detailed pricing for specific finish options for custom homes, we offer our detailed budgetary quotes.

A member of our engineering and design team will work with you, one on one, to provide you a budgetary quote that takes all of your specifics into consideration before you start the design process with us. You will receive an entire bill of material with your quote as well as overview videos of your quote and we go over feasibility of your design requests during a phone consultation.

Q: How much does a detailed budgetary quote cost?

A: Our detailed budgetary quotes cost $50. Please note that a one-time payment of $50 covers the cost of a single (1) tiny home quote. If you would like additional unique tiny home quotes (IE changes to material/type of home, bulk pricing for multiple home purchases, etc.), please inquire about bulk quote pricing.

Q: How do I ask for a detailed budgetary quote?

A: You can request & purchase a detailed budgetary quote by clicking the button below: