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Do you deliver?

Yes! We subcontract our tiny home deliveries to licensed, bonded, and insured haulers. We can ship anywhere in the 48 contiguous states within reason. On average, we ship homes for $3.00/mile (one-way) from our location in Vanouver, WA, USA 98682, though pricing can fluctuate between $2.50/mile - $3.50/mile (one-way) with a minimum $500 charge. For maritime shipping and Canadian inquiries please contact us.

What makes Backcountry Tiny Homes different from other tiny home builders?

We're not just contractors looking to repurpose our skills for small dwellings. We're engineers, small-space lovers, and tiny homeowners ourselves. We don't believe that we can properly design and understand the needs of living small without having a passion to do so. Our Owners, Tina & Luke, lived off-grid in our Basecamp model for (3) years with (3) dogs. They've used their experiences to help better shape designs and develop furnishings that work efficiently for future homeowners.

We whole-heartedly believe in transparency as a key to our success. Our quotes display full line items and we give homeowners access to our personal schedules along with daily updates on the progress of their builds through pictures, daily logs, videos, and more. Our clients should always know what is happening with the home and we can only do that by opening our world to yours fully.

Can I visit you and tour a tiny home?

Yes! You can sign yourself up for a walkthrough here. Tours are approximately 1 hour and are held M-F and the 2nd Saturday of every month, holidays pending. Please note that you will be touring an active construction zone, not a show floor room. We ask that you wear closed toe shoes. We do not have floor models on hand for you to tour. What we do have available to tour is limited to what we are currently building. If you are interested in seeing a specific model or interested in touring a model please reach out to us to ask what we currently have in our shop!

Where are you located?

We are located at 5305 NE 121st Ave, Unit 912, Vancouver, WA 98682. We are open by appointment only. If you plan to be in the area and would like to take a walkthrough of our shop, please sign up here.

Can I tow my tiny house?

Yes! Pending the size of your tiny home, how often you plan to tow it, and where you plan to visit, we recommend different size haul vehicles for you. Should you elect to build a tiny home that is bigger than 13.5-ft tall x 8.5-ft wide there are additional permits and regulations that may prevent you from towing your home yourself without special licensing. Please note that each state in the USA has their own height maximum requirement per DOT. For WA & OR state the hieght is 14-ft.

Can you use my old trailer and reclaimed materials in my build?

We source all tiny home trailers brand new and we will not work with refurbished trailers. Your trailer is the foundation that supports the rest of your home so we invest in high quality foundations that are purpose built for your specific home. We will spec out the correct width, length, axle count, and axle rating. If you are DIY building and you intend to repurpose a used trailer, please ensure it is the proper GVWR/GAWR for your intended weight and that it is properly licensed. As for reclaimed materials, we unfortunately will not work directly with reclaimed materials that do not come straight from a manufacturer specializing in them. The reason for this is to ensure the safety our staff. It is important to note that the labor required to properly clean and use reclaimed materials typically negates the financial savings of the material in the first place in a professional building setting.

Do you offer any accessible tiny homes (ADA, Sensory Sensitivities)?

Yes! We thoroughly enjoy designing tiny homes that are accessible to anyone. We have experience with designing to ADA guidelines. If you or a loved one who will live in the tiny home is sensitive to chemicals or other sensory channels, please ask us about design options!


What is your warranty policy?

We have a (30) day callback guarantee and first-rain guarantee. We also provide manufacture warranties for all siding, roofing, and appliances where applicable.

What is your return policy?

Tiny Homes Our tiny home return policy is stated in the contract you signed prior to construction on your home. As it is specific to each build, please reference details in your contract.


If you have paid your $1500 non-refundable deposit for a tiny home build design, we cannot refund this. This deposit will go towards the overall cost of your tiny home, no matter when you decide to build with us. Furnishings As our furnishings are custom made to order, we cannot accept returns or provide refunds once a furnishing has the buyer has confirmed color & finishing options.

Should you want to cancel your furnishing after you have confirmed your color & finishing options, we can refund shipping only if it has not shipped yet.

Should you want to cancel your furnishing before you confirm your color & finishing options, we can provide a full refund.

Want to make changes to your color & finishing options after you have confirmed them? If we have not begun construction on your furnishing yet we can make changes without a change fee. If you want to make changes to your color & finishing options after we have begun construction, a change fee will be issued on a case by case basis. Once your furnishing is shipped, we can no longer make changes.

Should your furnishing arrive damaged due to transit, we will assess refunds or replacement parts on a case by case basis.

If you damage your furnishing, we sell replacement parts and pieces but we do not have a warranty.

What are your payment terms?

For tiny home purchases, we split up payment over several installments.

1st Payment: The first payment is a down deposit of $1.500 used towards your design and tiny home that is included in the overall price. Payment happens at the start of design.

2nd Payment: Your second payment includes, on average, 50% labor, 50% material, and Overhead. On average this cost is 40-50% of your overall home cost, pending how utllity-heavy your house design is. Payment happens at the start of construction in week 1.
3rd Payment: Your third payment is the remaining labor and material costs. On average, this cost is 30-40% of your overall home cost. Payment happens midway in construction in ~week 4.

4th Payment: Should you elect to go with us for delivery, your 4th payment will be the cost of delivery only. Payment happens 1 week prior to completion of your home. 5th Payment: Your final payment includes the cost of taxes and profit. Pending where your home will be parked, taxes will be drasitically different. On average, this cost is 10-20% of the overall home cost. Payment happens after an official walkthough of your home has happend and functions as a bill of sale and full release of the house.


What kind of water connection do you supply?

We install a city water inlet RV connection onto all of homes.

What kind of electrical connection do you provide?

We install a twist and lock RV standard electrical plug on all homes. They range anywhere from 30amp/120V to 50amp/220V. You will need to provide the proper electrical connection at your parking space and purchase a 'dog bone' connector to plug into your home. A standard 3-prong cord is typically sufficient. If we delivery your home we will ground your home.

What type of toilets are typically in tiny homes?

We install plumbed flush toilets and composting toilets regularly though there are also incinerating and dry flush toilets on the market that can be installed.

What appliances can I expect to run with solar panels?

This is always a tough question. As a rule of thumb, if you want to use an appliance that requires electrical to heat something (IE hair dryer, electric cooktop, coffee maker, clothes dryer, etc.) this item will not do well with an off-grid system. We can install systems large enough to run these types of appliances but the cost for a solar system that could function properly is akin to a foundation home-sized solar system; both in cost and size.

We recommend using propane appliances where possible to reduce the demands on your solar system.

What are my heating and cooling options?

For heat, we can install propane/gas, electrical, and/or solid fuel. For cooling, we can install minisplits, window units, or hvac vents for floor model ACs.

What kind of sewer hook up to you provide?

For sewer water we prep your home with a standard ABS fitting and waste gate that works at any RV park for disposal.

What kind of insulation do you include in your homes?

We provide the insulation that will work best for your climate. As a standard we use Rockwool insulation as it is fire retardant, noise dampening, and waterproof. Though, we also use closed cell spray foam and rigid foam. We tend not to use pink fiberglass insulation as it can fall during transit (even the faced ones) which will damage your building envelope.

Design & Build

What is a Mountain Series model?

Our Mountain Series is the name we have given to our overall brand that reflects a simpler, woodsy aesthetic. It encompasses the Basecamp, Grizzly, and Acorn.

I can't find photos of some of your Mountain Series homes. Where can I find them?

All of our Mountain Series homes have been planned and engineered, but not all of them have been built yet. While we would love to have photos of each of our models, but we do not yet have the money to build them. We need you to order one!

How long will it take to build my tiny home?

Most of our homes are built within 8-12 weeks depending upon lead sourcing times. Your design phase usually takes 4-6 weeks depending on how quickly you're able to respond to our designer's questions. In total, tiny homes have about a 3-4 month lead time.

Will you set up my tiny home once it is delivered?

We can! We do not include installation as part of our pricing but ask us about what setup includes and how much it may cost.

Do you sell plans?

No. While we have clients go through the design phase prior to construction of their home, we do not offer stand-alone plans for DIY construction.

Do you build foundation tiny homes?

We are a strictly a THOW (Tiny Home on Wheels) builder.

How big can I build my THOW (Tiny Home on Wheels)?

We can build lengths 10-ft through 30-ft win increments of 2-ft on utility trailers. For gooseneck trailers we can build 20-ft through 40-ft.

I want a home! Where do I start?

Visit our getting started page to see what you first step is!

What is your build schedule like? When can you start building my home?

Our build schedule varies. We encourage you contact us to ask for current build times.

How heavy are your homes?

We list the GAWR, GVWR, and dry weight of each Mountain Series tiny home on their downloadable spec sheet on their respective pages. For custom homes it depends what size and finishings you choose.

Are tiny homes suitable for pets?

Absolutely! A vast majority of our home owners have pets. We have designed homes for dogs, cats, snakes, pigs, and more! We can design special areas in for your pet. Just ask your designer! We pride ourselves in specializing in pet-friendly tiny homes. Our Owners, Tina & Luke, have (4) dogs of their own and they too have lived/are living tiny!

Can a family live comfortably in a tiny home?

Absolutely! We have had familes of 6 find it comfortable and easy to live tiny but it will really depend on your own personal expectations. We encourage you to reach out to families already living tiny and ask them about their experiences.

Can any of your Mountain Series homes be built in a different length or width?

We can build a custom version of any of our models. This includes different sizes. Though, when we change the length of an existing Mountain Series tiny home we have to reevalute for proper weight distribution and dry weight.

Do you design eco-friendly homes?

The paints, insulation, and wood products we use are low VOC. We can source reclaimed wood if it is requested by our clients. We can and do use energy star appliances and led lighting as well.

What is your current build schedule? How soon can my home be built?

Whether you are purchasing one of our Mountain Series models or having a custom tiny home built, all clients must first complete the design process with us. While the time spent in the design phases varies from client to client, on average it takes about two months depending upon our current design schedule and the amount of customization you require (if any). In order for a client to secure a build slot with us, you must have your financing in place and you must sign off on your designs and certified quote. For more information regarding our design and build process please click here. For our current build schedule please email us.

Certifications & Legal

Are You RVIA Certified?

We have started the process to become RVIA certified. In the meantime, we have and continue to build to the same RV standards for electricity, plumbing, and FHL (fire, health, life safety) and we build homes to meet the new IRC 2018/2019 Appendix Q that has already been adopted in the state of WA and other states around the United States.

Where can I park a tiny home on wheels?

Each jurisdiction within each state is different, and for that reason we encourage you to reach out to your local planning and land use department to speak directly to them regarding zoning and building requirements for the area in which you intend to park. We would also recommend that you check out https://www.tryittiny.com for a place to park your home. One important factor to consider when parking your home is if you plan to live on grid or off grid. If you plan to live on grid you will need access to utilities. Some of our clients park their house in the backyards of friends and families, while some buy their own land. If you buy property with a house, depending upon the laws in your jurisdiction, you can rent our the house on the property and park your tiny house in the back. There are also some RV parks allow tiny houses but some may require that the home is RVIA certified. We encourage you to network with other tiny home owners in the area in which you intend to park and ask them what challenges they've faced. If you have any more questions, please let us know.

Is a tiny home legal where I live?

We encourage any prospective tiny home owner to reach out to their local planning and land use department concerning matters of legality in the jurisdiction in which you intend to park.

Does my home need to be RVIA certified?

In short, no it does not need to be RVIA certified. Though having an RVIA certification will allow you to park your tiny home in more places, provide you more financing options, and more insurance options. It may make it easier to resell giving your buyer a piece of mind. We have bult non-RVIA certified homes in the past and they have been able to find financing, insurnace, and parking without issue but they have more limited options.

Financing & Pricing

Do you offer financing? How can I finance my tiny home?

We do! You can find out more about our financing by click here. We hope to offer additional financing options in the future.

Past home owners have received their financing as new home construction, mortgages, RV loans, home remodel, and personal loans. We have seen a lot of success with 3rd party online vendors, as well as local credit unions and USAA. If you find a financial institution that is interested in working with you on financing, we would be more than happy to provide them our contact information in order to answer any questions that they may have.

Do you offer military discounts?

Yes! Please see our military member discounts here.

How much are your homes?

For pricing for any of our Mountain Series tiny homes, please visit their pages to view pricing for shells, shell + utilities, turnkey, and turnkey with build assist builds. If you would like ballpark pricing per length of tiny home, please see our tiny home pricing page. If you would like a budgetary quote for your custom home or changes to a Mountain Series tiny home, please contact us. We provide detailed and transparent budgetary quotes for $50.


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