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How Much?

Figuring out how much your tiny home will cost is an important step. We provide both free budgetary quotes and detailed budgetary quotes to help you make the decision if we're the right builder for you! If you are looking for pricing for our any of our Mountain Series Tiny Homes, click here.

Q: Do you offer financing?

A: Yes! We offer financing for both our custom tiny homes and Mountain Series. Click here for more information.

Q: Other than price, what is the difference between a free budgetary quote and a detailed budgetary quote?

A: Our free budgetary quotes are completed by you online and you receive an instant quote when you finish answering the estimator's questions. While helpful for budgetary numbers, the tiny home quote estimator is limited to the amount of detail it can provide. For clients that would like to know more specifics like framing requirements, insulation type, and detailed finishing options we offer our detailed budgetary quotes. A member of our engineering and design team will work with you, one on one, to provide you a budgetary quote that takes all of your specifics into consideration before you start the design process with us!

Q: How much does a detailed budgetary quote cost?

A: Our detailed budgetary quotes cost $50. Please note that a one-time payment of $50 covers the cost of a single (1) tiny home quote. If you would like additional unique tiny home quotes (IE changes to material/type of home, bulk pricing for multiple home purchases, etc.), please inquire about bulk quote pricing.

Q: How do I ask for a detailed budgetary quote?

A: You can request & purchase a detailed budgetary quote here.

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