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Backcountry Tiny Homes is a woman-owned carpentry, construction, and engineering company located in Hampstead, NH. We specialize in mobile tiny home design and construction.

We're not just tiny home builders, we're tiny home owners ourselves. There is no better way to understand how tiny home design comes together and functions for homeowners than to walk the walk and talk the talk. We understand that the bones and guts of each tiny home are just as, if not more, important than the finishing touches. Insulation, ventilation, and framing are custom designed for each client based on where they plan to park and live so that their home is made to last. We pride ourselves on our openness and transparency as a company and it's our number one priority to provide consistent and clear communication to our clients throughout the design and construction processes. Our goal is to continue to learn how to better our designs through knowledge and experience gained by being involved in the tiny home movement from the roots up. We're engineers. We're contractors. We're designers. Let our wealth of experience be your guide for your next tiny chapter.

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Tina has expansive knowledge of tiny home construction, design, civil site utilities, and building science. Having lived for a number of  years in her own tiny home, she has a deep understanding of tiny home living which makes her knowledge invaluable for new tiny home owners.


Tina has multiple B.S. and M.S. degrees in civil engineering and has a background in construction and carpentry.

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Kaja brings to the team her formal education in fine arts and industrial design. She has been with Backcountry Tiny Homes since 2018 and has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in puzzling together custom Tiny Homes. She works directly with clients during their first steps to help align their dreams with a unique-to-them design.


There are many moving parts in Tiny Home living, and Kaja is happy to help new homeowners navigate them.

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Kayla joined the team with her passion for tiny house living leading the way. She has a background in auto mechanics and permaculture design, which allows her to quickly learn new techniques and tools for building clients' custom homes. Kayla brings a unique perspective to building as she is a tiny home owner herself.


To unwind at the end of the day, Kayla enjoys a good mystery and stroll through nature with her pup. 

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Erin draws on a diverse background in welding, soldering, carpentry, and marine climate research to aid in the management of inventory and office work. In her work, she prioritizes organization and attention to detail to streamline shop operations.  

In her free time, Erin likes to explore beaches, seaside trails, and gardens. 

Meet Our Team

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Luke brings a strong background to the Backcountry Tiny Homes Team in carpentry, MEP systems, and high volume manufacturing. He specializes in utility system design and quality custom furnishings. His experience living in his own tiny home has given him invaluable perspective.

Luke has a B.S. degree in mechanical engineering and has over a decade of experience in construction and fabrication.

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Eric uses his education and background from carpentry trade school to bring quality work to framing, siding, flooring, fine finish work, and everything in between. He has an intense attention to detail and is always in search of opportunities to learn new techniques to improve his craft.


When he isn't hard at work you can find Eric exploring the forest with his pups or paddle boarding around New England.

Andrew - Profile Picture.JPG

Andrew is a new member of our team. Please check back soon to learn more!



Dogs - Profile Picture.JPG

The real MVPs at Backcountry Tiny Homes are Cedar, Sequoia, Whisper, and Teddy. These hard-working canines come to work and help provide the comic relief and love that every person needs. They are often called upon for modeling jobs for our tiny home staging during photo shoots so look out for their work as they grace our posts.


The entire pup pack has honorary degrees in bark-eology and they have published papers on the art of getting more treats.

Pup Pack


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