Backcountry Tiny Homes is a woman-owned company located in Hampstead, NH. We specialize in tiny home on wheel design and construction. All of our tiny homes are built to order. Don't need a full tiny home build but looking for a custom table, cabinets, stairs, or more? We offer custom carpentry services and have an online shop for available items.



We're not just tiny home builders, we're tiny home owners ourselves. There is no better way to understand how tiny home design comes together and functions on a daily basis for homeowners than to walk the walk and talk the talk yourselves. We understand that the bones and guts of each tiny home are just as, if not more, important than the finishing touches. Insulation, ventilation, and framing are custom designed for each client based on where they plan to park and live with their tiny home so that their home is made to last. We pride ourselves on our openness and transparency as a company and it's our number one priority to provide consistent and clear communication to our clients throughout the design and construction process. Most importantly? We understand that we're never done learning as a company. Our goal is to constantly learn how to better our designs through knowledge and experience gained by being involved in the tiny home movement from the roots up. We're engineers. We're contractors. We're designers. Let our wealth of experience be your guide for your next tiny chapter.




Designer & Shop Mom

What is your background in?: I have an education in Photography and Creative Fabrication, however I am self taught in the field of petting animals.

How do you live tiny?: My living space is comprised of highly organized Tupperware and hidden storage solutions.

What is the best part of your job?: I adore working with clients and getting excited with them as we bring their home to life. We all get to be creative and make something together.

Fun Fact: A group of turtles is called a 'bale'. 

Pup Pack

A tiny house, a great view, and a puppy
The Talent

The real MVPs (most valuable pups) at Backcountry Tiny Homes are Cedar, Minnie, Sequoia, and Whisper. These hard-working canines come to work with their Owners, Tina and Luke, and help retrieve tools, pick up scrap, and provide the comic relief and love that every person needs. They are often called upon for modeling jobs for our tiny home staging during photo shoots so look out for their work as they grace our social media and tiny home model photos!

Minnie - Siberian Husky (10-yo)

Sequoia - Miniature American Shepherd (6-yo)
Whisper - Australian Shepherd (5-yo)
Cedar - Newfoundland (4-yo)



What is your background in?:  My background is in Civil/Structural and Environmental/Geotechnical engineering with a focus in civil site design and construction. I'm also an accomplished carpenter.

How do you live tiny?: I lived in a THOW for a number of years with plans to live in one again!

What is the best part of your job?: The joy of speaking to homeowners that are about to take the leap into living tiny will never cease to make me happy. Being apart of their journey makes me excited to come to work every single day!

Fun Fact: I solo backpacked the world.

Owner & Principal Engineer



What is your background in?: My background is in Mechanical Engineering, with a focus in high volume manufacturing, carpentry, and MEP systems.

How do you live tiny?: I lived in both a THOW and THOF. I also backpack regularly and I understand the importance of paring down.

What is the best part of your job?: I really enjoy the creative outlet that building tiny homes provides to me.  My job is a real word application for all the skills I've learned in my past as an engineer, installer, and designer.

Fun Fact: I was born in Switzerland!

Owner & Principal Foreman