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Build Assist Program

We offer our turnkey tiny home clients a chance to work beside our build team as their home is being constructed. Learn more about our build assist program below.


All tools provided

From hand tools to power and everything in between, we provide all the required tools that you need to learn how to construct your home during your build assist. 


PPE & orientation provided

All required PPE is provided to you during your build. We also take you through an entire orientation to go over safety and how to properly use the tools you'll use in our shop.


Choose what you learn

Review your supplied tiny home build schedule. Want to learn about cabinets? Utilities? Framing? Schedule yourself to be present during those parts of your build.

the team

You're never on your own

Work along side a member of our build team, one on one, as you gain valuable experience. We believe in the value of team work and open communication.


As much or as little time

There isn't a minimum or maximum amount of hours for a build assist. You can visit our shop during your build at any point to learn about the construction and help out!


Understand your home

Gain invaluable confidence in your own capabilities and push yourself to learn! The knowledge you gain in a build assist will help you with future home ownership and project goals.

How do I sign up?

Once you've completed your design phase with us, you'll have an opportunity to participate in our build assist program for your tiny home build.

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