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Tiny Home Design

All of our clients go through a design phase with us as part of our tiny home process. We challenge our clients to consider different factors during your tiny home survey phone consultation. Being proactive about your needs and wants will help us create the best possible tiny home design for you.

What should I consider?


Your connections

Off-grid? On-grid? How you connect to water, electric, drainage, and more will shape the type of appliances and layout your home can have.


Children, family, pets, & more

How many people plan to live in your tiny home? Visitors? Pets? Making sure that there is adequate space for everyone is an important step.


Storage solutions

Hobbies are an important part of your life and making the decision to live small should include space and storage solutions for your passions.

plan ahead

Current and future needs

Planning for your future is key in small spaces. First floor bedroom? Storage loft? How long will you live tiny? Let us help you think ahead.


Humidity, weather, & more

The climate your home spends time in will impact your siding choices, appliance options, framing needs, ventilation requirements, and more.

build weight

Safe traveling

The layout of your home impacts the overall tow weight and how safely it travels. Weight distribution is an important step during your design.

Wood Texture
Common Design FAQ

WHAT DO YOU CONSIDER TO MAKE MY TINY HOME SAFE AND LONG-LASTING? Your home will be beautiful but it needs to be safe too. We take into consideration the trailer weight distribution, tongue weight, max GVWR, framing requirements, ventilation, material choice based on climate, safety, the functionality of designed areas for high traffic use, utility clearances, and more. 

CAN I USE AN EXISTING DESIGN THAT I HAVE? We welcome all napkin sketches, Pinterest boards, and inspiration pictures. Our design team is highly skilled at evaluating space saving measures and crafting functionally beautiful layouts. We assess the feasibility of using existing tiny home plans but we cannot always accommodate all elements of an existing design.

CAN I BUY DESIGN PLANS ONLY? Yes. Our tiny home design process is separate from our tiny home construction process. There is no obligation to go forward with construction once design is completed. Though, please review our 'deliverables' section on this page to better understand what our design plans include.

get Started

  • See our "Getting Started" timeline to see how to start your tiny home plans with us.

  • ​​​Clients go through a budgetary quote phase with us first prior to starting design. Learn more here.

  • The design process requires a non-refundable deposit of $2,000 which is credited to the overall cost of your home when you move onto the build phase. Consider it a deposit on your tiny home build that is used to finalize your design.

  • We use a client portal to communicate during the design phase. Learn more here.

design process

  • Clients work one on one with a member from our design team and have (4) plan drafts through the design phase: 1st/2nd/3rd rough draft and a final draft.

  • Design phase and build phase are separate. Clients do not have to continue forward into a build once their design is complete.

  • Design takes 8-10 weeks, on average.

  • We do not assign build slots until a client has completed their design phase and has signed a build contract. This policy is to ensure we don't save slots for clients who are not ready to move forward.


  • PDF Design plan deliverables include the following:

    • Elevations Interior & Exterior​

    • Visual Interior & Exterior

    • Budgetary Quote updates (per rough draft)

    • Specification Sheet for Utilities, Finishes, Window and Door sizing, and Tech Specs

    • Framing Plans are not provided to clients

    • Utility Schematics are not provided to clients

  • Once the final draft is approved, a certified build quote is supplied as part of the design phase completion.

  • If the certified quote is approved, a build contract must be signed before construction begins.

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