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Utility Connections

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What kind of utility connections come with our tiny homes? What general information should you know about tiny home setup? Let's explore utility connections, parking pad options, jacks, and more so that you can learn about what it's included with your home versus what you're responsible for prior to delivery.



House Connection This connection is installed directly on your tiny home. A utility line will connect to it.

Utility Line This line links your tiny home connection and utility source together, transporting that utility to and from your home.

Utility Source The utility source is where your utilities are drawn from or delivered to. The utility line will connect to it.

Utility Connections.png

What are my utility options? Your utilities (water, electric, sewer, gas) are split up into three different categories (house connection, utility line, utility source). Learn more about what is included in each category below.

Home Connection- All

We provide

Screenshot 2024-04-01 115536.png

Water (only option)

City Water Inlet

We provide an insulated 3/4" Aquor Hydrant V1+ connection with all of our homes. This is a freeze-proof stainless water inlet that has an easy push and twist connect feature.

Estimated Cost:


Waste Gate Valve.JPG

Sewer (only option)

RV Waste Gate Valve

We provide a 3" RV waste gate valve with all of our homes. This outlet connects your grey and black water together and serves as an outfall for your sewer.

Estimated Cost:


Electrical Connection.jpg

electric (only option)

RV Twist Lock Plug

We provide a 50-amp RV twist lock power plug with all of our homes. This inlet connects directly to your tiny home electrical subpanel, with a max 50-amp allowance. Learn more about max amperage.

Estimated Cost:


Two Stage Regulator.png

gas (only option)

2-Stage Propane Regulator

If a tiny home requires/has gas, we provide a 2-stage propane gas regulator, (2) short pigtail connections, and frost cover. Not all homes will have gas as some will be electric-only.*

Estimated Cost:




Parking Pad This is the surface that your tiny home will be parked on. You have different substrate and size options.

Jacks This is the support system that will help both level and stabilize your tiny home when parked.

Access This is the method of accessing the interior of your tiny home.

Miscellaneous This represents the additional options you have for your tiny home once parked.


What do I need once my tiny home is parked? Your tiny home needs for parking will be determined on your property  and intended travel plans. Learn more about each category (parking pad, jacks, access, misc.) below.

Parking Pad

You Provide

View your parking pad material options below. Use our parking pad size calculator to figure out what minimum parking pad size you need for your tiny home.

Poured Parking Pad.jpg

Parking Pad (Option 1 of 2)


A poured or paved pad is a durable surface that allows for consistent leveling of your tiny home with a smooth finished surface. Client to work with local contractor for design and installation. Cost will vary.

Estimated Cost:


Gravel Pad.jpg

Parking Pad (option 2 of 2)

Compacted Gravel

A compacted gravel pad is easier to remove in the future but provides stability for parking in the interim. Compacted gravel can more effectively drain precipitation. Client to work with local contractor for design and installation. Cost will vary.

Estimated Cost:


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