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Tiny Home Delivery

Q: How much will it cost to deliver my tiny home?

A: Fill out our calculator to see how much we estimate your tiny home delivery will cost. This is an estimate only and should be used for budgetary purposes. This is not a certified quote. Weather, terrain difficulty, and other factors can impact cost.

Q: What about local delivery?

A: We offer free delivery to clients that have a delivery address within 150-miles from our location in Hampstead, NH 03841!*
* 150 miles is calculated by drivable delivery route, not "as the crow flies". Free delivery is not applicable if water crossing is required. Free delivery is for 8.5-ft wide turnkey tiny homes only, not 10-ft wide or shells. Parking location must be accessible without specialized equipment.

Q: Who ships my tiny home?

A: We work with licensed, bonded, and insured haulers and help you coordinate delivery from our location to yours!

Q: Do you ship to AK, HI, or elsewhere?

A: We are open to working with clients to ship to AK, HI, and outside of the USA. For watercraft crossing, contact us.

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