Tiny Home Delivery

Q: How much will it cost to deliver my tiny home?

A: Shipping costs are, one-way, from Hampstead, NH 03841 as follows:

8.5-ft wide: $3.00-$3.50 / mile *
10-ft wide: $3.50 - $4.00 / mile *

* these are average costs, reach out to us for a certified quote. There is a minimum $500 charge for all deliveries not eligible for free delivery.

Q: What about local delivery?

A: We offer free delivery to clients that have a delivery address within 150-miles from our location in Hampstead, NH 03841!*
* 150 miles is calculated by drivable delivery route, not "as the crow flies". Free delivery is not applicable if water crossing is required. Free delivery is for 8.5-ft wide tiny homes only, not 10-ft wide. To see if your parking spot is applicable for free delivery, reach out to us for a certified quote.

Q: Who ships my tiny home?

A: We work with licensed, bonded, and insured haulers and help you coordinate delivery from our location to yours!

Q: Do you ship to AK, HI, or elsewhere?

A: We are open to working with clients to ship to AK, HI, and outside of the USA. For watercraft crossing, contact us.


NH to Seattle, WA: $10,765 (8.5-ft) / $12,300 (10-ft)

NH to Portland, ME: Free! (8.5-ft) / $500 (10-ft)

NH to Miami, FL: $5,355 (8.5-ft) / $6,120 (10-ft)