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Getting Started

second step

What to Expect

What to Expect

Welcome to the second step in our tiny home process! During this step, you will be:

  • Filling out your tiny home survey
    • Where: You can scroll down on this page or click here to be brought to our tiny home survey.

    • Why: This survey helps us identify feasibility, potential questions, and other elements in preparation for your upcoming tiny home survey consultation call.​

  • Schedule yourself for a tiny home survey consultation call.
    • Where: You will be prompted at the completion of your tiny home survey to schedule yourself for a call.​

    • Why: This phone call sets aside time for us to speak to you about your future tiny home goals. At the end of the call, you can elect to move forward with your design phase or request more information in order to make the best decision for yourself. There is never pressure to continue forward after your tiny home survey phone consultation!

Tiny home survey

Where do you intend to park and/or visit often?
What do you plan to use the tiny home for?
Just to get a clear picture, select all that apply to your future tiny home plans.
Tell us about the weather/climate that your tiny home will frequently see. Select all that apply.
Do you currently have or are you planning to have pets? If so, which? Select all that apply.
We often design our tiny homes for clients with noise/light sensitivies, accessibility requirements, and more. Would you like our design staff to discuss options with you during your phone consultation?
We build tiny homes on wheels only. We do not offer tiny homes on foundation.
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